LINUX  create  YUM Repository in LOCAL  Guide

step 1 : create  Package directory
[root@maria yum.repos.d]# mkdir -p /Redhat7/Package

step 2 : copy package in CD(redhat OS immage Package Folder) to create directory in

[root@maria Packages]# pwd
/run/media/ahn/RHEL-7.3 Server.x86_64/Packages
[root@maria Packages]# cp * /Redhat7/Package/

step 3 : unzip comps.zml.gz file and
[root@maria repodata]# pwd
/run/media/ahn/RHEL-7.3 Server.x86_64/repodata
[root@maria repodata]# cp *comps*xml.gz /Redhat7/
[root@maria repodata]# mv /Redhat7/*comps*xml.gz /Redhat7/comps.xml.gz
[root@maria repodata]# gzip -d /Redhat7/comps.xml.gz

step 4 : pakage install ( this package installed ahead)
[root@maria Package]# rpm -ivh deltarpm-**.rpm python-deltarpm* createrepo*

step 5 : repo URL configure
[root@maria Redhat7]# vi /etc/yum.repos.d/local.repo
name=RedHat Linux Local Repository

step 6 : command createrepo
[root@maria Redhat7]# pwd
[root@maria Redhat7]# createrepo -g comps.xml .
Spawning worker 0 with 4751 pkgs
Workers Finished
Saving Primary metadata
Saving file lists metadata
Saving other metadata
Generating sqlite DBs
Sqlite DBs complete

step 7 : Move already existing repo file elsewhere
[root@maria yum.repos.d]# pwd
[root@maria yum.repos.d]# mkdir Repo
[root@maria yum.repos.d]# mv CentOS-* Repo/
[root@maria yum.repos.d]# ls
local.repo  Repo

step 8 : check yum list command
[root@maria yum.repos.d]# yum list

step 9 : check yum install command (ex : telnet service package install)
[root@maria yum.repos.d]# rpm -qa | grep telnet
[root@maria yum.repos.d]# yum install telnet

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